What Is EcoSmart Cleaning

You know how important it is to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. From reducing your gas consumption to lowering your energy bills, you’re determined to do your part by reducing your carbon footprint on the environment.

But have you ever stopped to think about the environmental impact of your house cleaning or office cleaning?

That’s right: almost all of the traditional products used for cleaning houses or offices have a number of dangerous toxins in them. However, it’s not just dangerous for the environment; studies have shown that many household cleaners can contribute to the development of allergies and illnesses in vulnerable individuals.

Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice a clean office or household for green cleaning – because eco-smart cleaning combines the best of both worlds!

Ecosmart cleaning is a term that’s used to describe green cleaning, or cleaning procedures that are environmentally sound. One way to switch over from traditional cleaning to green cleaning is to purchase specifically formulated green products that have no toxins. Pay special attention to the labels of your cleaning products; if they don’t mention whether or not they’re eco-friendly, then it’s highly likely that they’re not.

Green cleaning doesn’t just refer to the cleaning products; the actual act of cleaning itself should contribute towards reducing energy consumption. For example, many office cleaning services tend to work after-hours in order to minimize any disturbance to the employees. However, this often wastes energy and can even result in sky-high company bills – and in this economic climate, that’s the last thing that any business owner wants to face!

With green cleaning, however, every effort is made to reduce energy consumption. For example, a green cleaning service will clean during the actual business hours in order to save on electricity expenses.

If you want to find out more about eco-smart cleaning, then why not give the friendly professionals at Kim’s Cleaning Service a call at (404) 590-5633 today?

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Ecosmart Cleaning ServicesEcosmart cleaning is a term that’s used to describe green cleaning, or procedures that are environmentally sound.
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