About Ecosmart Cleaning Services

Kim’s Cleaning Service has played an integral part in bringing green cleaning to Atlanta. Founder Chrystal Shuck believed that there could be a way to bring together a superior cleaning service in Atlanta without having to sacrifice eco-friendly practices. By searching high and low for the best green products and developing environmentally-friendly cleaning procedures that reduced the carbon footprint, Chrystal discovered that cleanliness and green cleaning didn’t have to be two separate entities.

And that’s when Kim’s Cleaning Service was born!

We’re proud to say that Ecosmart Cleaning is now one of Atlanta’s premier green cleaning services. This community is full of vibrant residences and wonderful offices – and we feel privileged to help our fellow community members to embrace green cleaning. From the stylish neighborhood of Buckhead to the vibrant downtown area, Ecosmart Cleaning has shown the greater Atlanta area that green cleaning is smart cleaning!

At Ecosmart Cleaning, we know that many cleaning products out there are not only harmful to the environment; they’re harmful to us as well. That’s why we only use the most eco-friendly green products available. Our clients have always been amazed at how effective these products are with house cleaning and office cleaning. In fact, they often report that our green cleaning products give superior results than those traditional cleaning products!

Our name is our motto: we believe that green cleaning is the ultimate way to make your house or office dust-free without damaging the environment. It’s a mission we’re proud to stand by – and we’re determined to help the greater Atlanta community save money on their energy costs and lessen their impact on the environment.

Why not give Kim’s Cleaning Service a call at (404) 590-5633 to find out more?

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